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Here is a screenshot of my cute little game for MacOS 10. It is called BeeCells. The goal is to arrange six or more balls of the same color together in a group. After balls are arranged they disappear. After each turn the computer puts more balls on the board and your task becomes more difficult.

Nothing cutting edge:
  • Cocoa
  • Objective-C
  • of course Project Builder and Interface Builder
  • MacOS 10 rocks
  • Do you want me to port it to Windows ? Do you want me to make 3D version of BeeCells ? I might consider posting source code if enough people are interested.

    There is a very simple 3D OpenGL demo on my web site. It is a very simple terrain with a skybox. It works both on MacOS 10 and Windows. I do not know how it works on different machines and graphics boards. so I need some feedback from people. Try it and tell me how it works. Also, a Shaders demo is coming. There are screenshots on my web site.

    Visit my web site:

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