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Here's a screen shot from Telltale's first game! It's a simple "casual" game that tries to emulate TV style poker. Most of the technical effort was put into getting the 1800+ lines of dialog and animation into the game while keeping the download size small (20 megs). Though it doesn't have a physics engine, a terrain renderer or any fancy rendering, we think it's a great simulation of a bunch of friends sitting around playing poker, and a great example of what a bringing good characters to a "casual" game can do.

Technically the game uses a number of Open Source projects. The audio is OggVorbis compressed. The data is compressed using Zlib and the game logic and AI is scripted using Lua. There a very nice integrated Lua debugger built into the engine that uses Scintilla. The debug build also use Paul Nettles excellent memory manager (available right here on flipcode!). The game was created in about 12 weeks by 7 people, though many old friends stopped by to lend a hand from time to time!

Telltale itself is a bunch of ex-LucasArts people who have decided to go the "independent developer" route. Most of us worked on the ill-fated Sam & Max 2 project. We're trying to make smaller games that are focused on characters and story, so hopefully you can look forward to much more than "Texas Hold'em" from us in the future!

Download the free demo at!

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