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Screenshots from my latest project called "Mole War". Mole War is a first person shooter that takes place under ground surface in fully destructable 3D environment. The players can dig their own tunnels freely. Indestructible steel walls prevent the players from escaping too far from the battle zone.

  • Destructable 3D environment.
  • Lightning effects.
  • Skeletal animated mole models.
  • Level editor.
  • 20 weapons.
  • Splitscreen-mode.
  • The terrain is created from voxel data by using the marching cubes algorithm. Lightning effects are calculated per vertex in CPU (no vertex shaders yet). Rendering is optimized using octree and some other tricks. Collision detection is done with sphere-polygon intersection algorithm. All models are made with Milk Shape 3D and the game itself is written in C/C++. Mole War can be downloaded from my website:
    If the site is down try this link instead:

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