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This is a screenshot from a personal project, called TAGARELA. This is a simple toy that repeats whatever the user is speaking through the microphone. The point is that it is realtime. The user can change the playback speed and apply a few available filters in realtime, and that is it.

The application is a little simplistic as it is now, but I am surprised with the actual feedback from the people that tried it. The toy was a success in a recent familiar party (I was showing the Pocket PC version, and the people loved it).

Initially I was planning lots of filters and effects, but I decided to make it simple. I am a little busy with other projects right now, but I have plans to make a new version with plugin support for filters and effects, and some other nice ideas as well.

There are two versions of the toy, one for Desktop PCs and one for Pocket PCs. I will be releasing the toy as a shareware (but without any limitations).

Although I'm not representing a company, I am working on a domain name and site, that is: -- be welcome, there you'll find more info and binary downloads.

Vander Nunes

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