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So here's my first IOTD submission -- my "it's been done millions of times before" ray-tracer! It contains the standard features:
  • spheres
  • planes
  • polygons (well, only triangles, but easy to convert to any convex polygon)
  • cylinders
  • ambient light
  • point lights
  • spot lights
  • soft shadows
  • reflections (can set level of diffusion)
  • texture mapping
  • bump mapping
  • multi-texturing
  • It's written in C++ and uses OpenGL. Wrote it under Windows, but since it uses OpenGL don't see why it wouldn't work under other OSes. In fact, if you're so inclined you can pick up a copy of the code at If you've ever wanted to write cool ray-tracer effects but are too lazy to do the basics, now's your chance!

    -Buddy Betts

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