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This is a compilation of screenshots from my latest project RoboBlast, a clone from good old Robotron 2048. It started out as a small game project but it has evolved into a "graphics playground" for me. Every new type of level I create features some kind of graphics technique I have never tried before. I started out with stencil buffer reflections (top-left) and basic dynamic lighting (middle-right), but the last two levels feature 3D grass (middle-left) and a 3D water shader (top-right).

You can download the demo with full source and VC++ 6.0 project files at Lone Wolves:

The latest feature I added was realtime Inverse Kinematics. I needed it because I wanted to have a huge squid with tentacles as one of the bosslevels. There's just a slight glitch in it: Sometimes the tentacle rotates the wrong way (see bottom two screenshots) while on other times it functions perfectly. If you have some experience with IK, I would appreciate your help! A more detailed description of the problem (and pointers to the IK functions in the source) can be found in the readme.txt included in the download.

A short overview of the other features:
  • OpenGL for graphics
  • DirectX for 3D sound and input
  • MD2 models
  • Particle engines
  • 5 normal levels and 2 boss-levels
  • Sander Marechal
    Lone Wolves Game Developement

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