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Well, another landscape demo :-) Let me just inform you quickly what my piece of work is capable to do:
  • standard skybox, uninteresting ;-)
  • renders large landscapes with dynamic LOD - I'm using GeoMipmapping here ...
  • quadtree for frustum culling
  • the demo uses a static vertexbuffers + a dynamic indexbuffer for each 129x129 chunk ...
  • LOD is computed for each 33x33 chunk based on the distance to the camera
  • LOD of chunks, which go more into the direction of being flat, is scaled down - the second screenshot shows that pretty well ...
  • the borders between chunks of different level of detail are tesselated in such a way, that almost no gaps occur -> there are still some minor problems ...
  • the screenshots are based on a 1024x1024 heightmap with unique textures for each 128x128 patch, + a detail texture applied; rendered @ 32bit in a 800x600 window
  • runs at an average fps-count of 70 on my ole crappy 'puter ( PIII 450, GeForce 2 MX 400 <- *ouch* )
  • people that were as kind as to test the demo reported fps ranging from around 250(Geforce 4) to 60(Voodoo 3) - so it's pretty much optimized and let's room for other additions!
  • I still have no clue whether to build a small game around this landscape-engine or just keep it improving with no particular aim in mind ;-)

    Stephan Reiter

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