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Were going to be releasing a "screenshot a day" from our game Everglade Rush, until a 'certain' video card company launches their next gen video card (*ahem* MacWorld *cough cough*), on the PC platform. At that time we WILL be releasing a demo of Everglade Rush for everyone to download and play! The attached screenshot is running in real-time on this "next gen" video card, however the demo we release is fully playable on practically every video card.

This pic demonstrates perpixel lighting (all the hovers down in the valley), perpixel cubemapping (realistic, accurate refracted reflections, using programmable vertex and pixel programs all in realtime), and the sick poly counts you can expect from our game. There's lots of other great graphical features in our engine that aren't displayed in this pic, but we'll leave that for tomorrow :)

Were under NDA to not mention the video card's name, but hopefully you can figure out which card I'm referring to :p

-Nathan d'Obrenan

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