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This is a screenshot from my engine. It's a general purpose engine. Some of the current features:
  • directx, opengl
  • in/out scenes
  • scene graph
  • ambiante light
  • moving skies
  • moon, sun
  • fog
  • textures caching
  • terrain genration
  • layered textures
  • particle system
  • 3D picking
  • everything can be dynamic, no compiled level
  • scene describing langage
  • 3ds model importer
  • TGA textures importer
  • powerful texture mapper tool (with boning system)
  • Up to 150 000 (hundred thousand !) triangles per frame at 20fps on a K6-2 400 - TNT2
  • For more questions, write me at (NOTE for the french: I'm looking for a job in 3D programming ...)

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