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These are some shots from Clusterbal - Mobile edition that we (Reinier van Vliet & Jacco Bikker) developed over the last couple of months at Overloaded. In this game, players score by picking up balls from tracks and delivering these to a goal. More information on the original game can be found at

Clusterbal - Mobile edition was designed to run on the Nokia N-Gage and compatible devices (all series 60 devices, such as the 7650, 3650, 6600 etc.). These devices use a 102Mhz ARM processor, a 176x208 12bit color display and 4Mb of RAM.

For the mobile version we extended the 3D engine that we used for the N-Gage port of Xyanide (, pc emulated demo download available) to handle landscapes, distance fog and some physics. Some tech features:
  • The landscape consists of 8K triangles. Other scenery add about 1K triangles to this figure.
  • The landscape is 'textured' using a 1D texture: Basically we're gouraud shading using a palette.
  • The fog uses several versions of the palette. Shading of objects is also done using multiple versions of the palette.
  • The entire 3D engine is coded using fixed point math.
  • Average frame rate is 20fps (thanks to some ARM asm by Reinier).
  • The entire game fits in a 298K installer.
  • The game supports multiplayer gaming over bluetooth, or solo play against 4 artificial opponents.
  • Since this was our last Symbian project (at least for a while) I would like to say 'hello' and 'thanks!' to the Overloaded team: Our testers (Dannis, Arjan), coders (Ferry, Gert, Johan, Michael, Reinier), artists (Zopfi, Edouoard, Dan, C. Ninja), backoffice, management and 'various'. :-)

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