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These Pics are just some shots from my Portal Engine-in-progress. All these shots show some Lighting + Volumetric Fog tests. The upperleft shot shows a Red, Green, and Blue light, as well as a Blue fog volume in the background. The Cube is a Rigid Body spinning back and forth across the room. I do have Volumetric shadows, but at the moment they slow it down quite alot, so they are disabled for these pictures. The lower left shot is a closer look at the Blue fog volume, being lit by the pinky/red light above it. The 2 shots on the right are of a red Fog volume being lit by a green light. The upper one is from above the volume, and the lower one is from inside the volume. I'm trying to improve on the realsim though.

What these still shots cannot show you is that the world geometry is deformable, and the fog volumes are as well. i.e., walking through the fog will leave a disturbed trail behind you...Doesn't work 100% yet, but it's getting there :)

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