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Hi, my name is Stefan Zingel and I'm a former student of the course "Multimedia Computer Science" at the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. As an important part of my diploma thesis, I conceived and programmed "SolidShaderTool" - a development environment for vertex & pixel shader effects. It's main features are:
  • Integration of all relevant shader parameters and preferences into one intuitive graphical user interface
  • Live preview of rendered shader effects for testing purpose
  • Unlimited number of shader effects and meshes/subsets possible
  • Management of matrices, vectors, colors and textures
  • Instant control over all parameters/settings of the DirectX 8.1 API
  • Ability to save & restore both effect and workspace settings
  • 3D Studio Max^(TM) plug-in to export geometry in a proprietary data format
  • Examples of shader effects (bump mapping, phong shading, cartoon shading etc.) provided
  • The screenshot above shows some shader effects (diffuse & specular Dot3 bump mapping, phong shading, cartoon shading, "holo" silhouette rendering) implemented with SolidShaderTool and a picture of the application surface itself with several dialog windows opened.

    SolidShaderTool is written in C++ and utilizes the MFC classes for the GUI elements and the DirectX 8.1 API for rendering. Ok - Version 8.1 is a bit out-of-date, but I will port the rendering functions to DX 9 soon ...

    For detailed information and more screenshots, check out the homepage at ... Feel free to download your own copy of SolidShaderTool, if you want to try it out by yourself.

    Any comments are always welcome,
    Stefan Zingel

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