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These are screenshots from a project called "stuntcar racer 2001". The aim of the project was to create a remake of the classic StuntCarRacer from Geoff Crammond.

You can download the game at

There are binaries for Windows and Linux. There was a BeOS-Version also but I can't find it anymore.

The physics relies on a mass-spring-model and to accelerate the collision-detection a quadtree is used. An octree wasn't neccerary because the track never crosses itself (no tunnels). The graphics-API is OpenGL. For the platform-independance GLUT is used. There is a SDL-version also.

There is no sound.

There is no AI implemented, but you can record your own laps and race against yourself. Recorded drivers are given in four flavours: bad, normal, good, excellent. To record the laps each keypress is recorded with a timestamp. Unfortunately you can't exchange the files between different binaries. It seems to be that an error in the physics accumulates, so that the car is at the wrong position for the replayed controlcommands. This can be caused by a slightly different floatingpoint-code caused by different compiler-settings, different compilers or different libraries. If a float-value is internally cached by the FPU it is stored with an higher precision and the result of the next computation not exactly the same as it would be without the cache.

The game was a project during my studies of media-information science at the University of Applied Sciences, Wedel - Germany. This project was done in 2001 by Klas Kalass, Christian Finckler, Claus Praefcke -who later ported it to an IRIX-system to play the game in a VR-cave - and me, Bjoern Gdanietz.

The car-model is based on a high-resolution model, designed by Dan Schmidt, Olaf Ross and Bjoern Gdanietz.

-Bjoern Gdanietz-

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