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These are some screenshots from my game XOP. I've been working on this project for the past year. It uses Allegro 4.0 for most of the dirty work.

The 2nd little blue number in the right-hand corner of the screenshots is the number of on-screen objects.

Some numbers:
  • 16,000 lines of C code
  • 572 sprite images (enemies, bullets, explosions, etc)
  • 141 tiles
  • 52 sound effects
  • 24 MOD music files
  • The engine supports up to 800 on-screen objects, 1800 shrapnel particles and 16 backgrounds. It's flexible enough to do just about anything you could need in a 2d shooter game :p

    You can download a demo of it at

    Please try it out and tell me if it runs on your system :)

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