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Here is a charged particle simulator I wrote for physics class. The teacher was using some electron hockey game one day, and he made a comment about how expensive it was. I then set out to program it myself, and sell my own particle simulator cheaply. Hopefully schools will buy it.

The program uses SDL in combination with OpenGL. There is not really anything special about the graphics, and the physics are brute force unoptimized. One of the ways I cheat on the physics however is to allow the graphics card to do the interpolation of the potential field rather than doing it all myself.

It is nice to get a complete program done, as I have been programming for quite some time and have not made anything that was finished (I have a huge code base of highly optimized 3/4 finished game libraries). My project to end all projects is still pending.

The simulator also include a game mode of course where the goal is to get the particle into the goal. Try it out, it was rather amusing to see my roomates be engrossed by such a simple game.

Editor's Note: The demo is available for download here (162k)

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