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Those shotz are from the Nytro engine,NRUN demo player and NytroGene demo-editor . This demo-system is implemented on top of OpenGL, coded with BCBuilder 3 (wich rulez at RAD) . The engine is plugin based , a plugin may be a effect, a special object, a importer etc.

It uses OOP for good hieracly of classes. The engine is feeding from plugin modules; the plugins are not individual like in 3DSMAX, they are packed into a special DLL file (.nym) wich contains the exported plugin classes.

So the system is superscalar, u can add new plugins. The demo-editor, NytroGene has a treeview with the demo's objects: Materials, Textures , Sounds , Musics, Scenes (Objects, Lights, Cameras, Effects); a scene is in my own format (.n3d), a converter from any virtual scene format is provided in the Toolz menu, anyway until now I've wrote the ASC and the 3DS importer plugins. Each scene has a timeline, each object/camera/light/effect has tracks, those tracks controls object's properties, so the posibilities for animation are many; every object has properties like in Visual Basic. The music u can play is from any format, and can be syncronized with the demo. After a demo was made, it will be packed into a .npak file wich can be played with NRUN, and the .npak is deployed with that player for viewing. The demo editing is interactive, Flash-like...

Well that's all for today. Ah...almost forgot, free SOURCES , for any kind of use..


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