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  Wrapper For Resource Handles
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I like the's Smart Pointers Library. There are cases however, when two, rarely three pointers refer to the same object. It seems reasonable to avoid placing reference counters in the heap memory in these cases. I had similar situation when a wrapper for Win32 HGLOBAL handler was needed, and a CHGlobal class was implemented. It holds a looped list, or a ring of CHGlobal* - pointers. I am not sure this is something new, but maybe this idea can be useful for implementing smart pointers in some cases:

#ifndef _HGlobal_h_
#define _HGlobal_h_

class CHGlobal { mutable CHGlobal* m_pNext; HGLOBAL m_hGlobal;

public: CHGlobal() { m_hGlobal = NULL; m_pNext = NULL; }

CHGlobal(HGLOBAL hGlobal) { m_hGlobal = hGlobal; m_pNext = (hGlobal != NULL)? this : NULL; }

CHGlobal(const CHGlobal& other) { m_hGlobal = other.m_hGlobal; if((m_pNext = other.m_pNext) != NULL) other.m_pNext = this; }

~CHGlobal() { CHGlobal* p = m_pNext; if(p != NULL) { if(this == p) ::GlobalFree(m_hGlobal); else { CHGlobal* pNext; while((pNext = p-m_pNext) != this) p = pNext; p-m_pNext = m_pNext; } } }

// A couple of the ISO C++ standardization committee members // have suggested constructor reuse // as a desirable future language feature. void Free() { this-~CHGlobal(); ::new(this) CHGlobal(); }

const CHGlobal& operator = (HGLOBAL hGlobal) { if(m_hGlobal != hGlobal) { this-~CHGlobal(); ::new(this) CHGlobal(hGlobal); } return *this; }

const CHGlobal& operator = (const CHGlobal& other) { if(m_hGlobal != other.m_hGlobal) { this-~CHGlobal(); ::new(this) CHGlobal(other); } return *this; }

operator HGLOBAL() const { return m_hGlobal; }

HGLOBAL Release() { CHGlobal* p = m_pNext; if(p != NULL) { while(p != this) { CHGlobal* pNext = p-m_pNext; p-m_pNext = NULL; p = pNext; } m_pNext = NULL; }

return m_hGlobal; }

bool operator == (HGLOBAL other) const { return m_hGlobal == other; } bool operator != (HGLOBAL other) const { return m_hGlobal != other; } };

#endif // _HGlobal_h_



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