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  Using Microsoft DLLs (such as opengl32.dll) With Free Borland Compiler
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Experiencing strange crashes when using OpenGL and Borland's free compiler (bcc32.exe)?

It is somehow related to floating point exceptions. Apparently, there is some difference in the way Microsoft's compiler and Borland's compiler handle them. I think Microsoft ignores them and Borland doesn't, but I'm not 100%.

The way to fix this is to tell your app to ignore them, like so:

#include <floats.h>

_control87( MCW_EM, MCW_EM );

I found various obscure web pages and newsgroup posts regarding this. It seems that some people had the same problems with DirectX 5.0. So, it is possible that this may fix problems with other DLLs besides opengl32.dll as well.

James Dewar

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