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  User Defined Colored Keywords (MSVC)
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I've always found that the color codes of MSVC have been a huge help in just reading code (especially when working too many hours!) and I ran across a small but helpful feature of MCVC6 (I don't know if it is in other versions, I've only used ver6) that allows you to color your own keywords and typedef-ed personal types. I've found it quite helpful for my projects and if you happen to be new and haven't heard of it you might find it helpful as well.

First create a file in your X:\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin\ directory, then create the file usertype.dat and fill it up with anything you want, like so:


Then open MSVC and go to the tools-options menu and select the format tab. Scroll down the Colors selection thing to select what your coloring and click on User Defined Keywords. Then just select your color and the next time you load MSVC all the words you've put in usertype.dat will be colorcoded.


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