Unreal File Format
Question submitted by Anonymous (19 July 2000)

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  We are developing an (OpenGl) engine that can import MAX files directly and play keyframes too. My problem is that im a coder so i don't like to spend time with level editing. I came up with the idea to read unr files, since they are quiet complex I could use some help... Is there someone who knows anything about it. I know that there is an ascii exporter in the unrealed but lets be precize :)

This question was originally submitted some time ago, to the Fountain Of Knowledge on flipCode.

  I sent this one off to Tim Sweeney, and here's his reply:

"The Unreal file format is an indexed serialization stream of a bunch of interrelated objects. Parsing it without the code is pretty much hopeless -- it's a different concept than a .bmp file or a .wav file. See http://unreal.epicgames.com/packages.htm for more info."

Response provided by Paul Nettle

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