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  Recovering From The MSVC Class Browser Bug
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A little trick that one of my students showed me today (Hello everyone at Thomson Cambridge!). MSVC has a really annoying bug that appears occasionially in versions 5.0 and 6.0 (not sure about service packs) that causes it to crash. It appears to be something to do with either the class view mechanism or the Intellisense menus. Well, needless to say, the crash always occurs when you're just happliy typing away, and it always occurs in one of the string functions (strcpy, strlen etc.)

To recover from a crash of this nature, simply choose to debug MSVC when the dialog appears, examine the assembly dump and find the nearest "ret" command after the line on which it crashed. Select the "ret" command, hit "jump-to cursor" from the debug menu and hit f5 to continue execution. Hey-presto, your MSVC session will come back to life and all of that code you've been writing will be saved.


The zip file viewer built into the Developer Toolbox made use of the zlib library, as well as the zlibdll source additions.


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