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  Properties In MSVC6
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Hi folks ...

some days ago i was searching for something in the msdn. i didn't found what i want but i found something else. a feature also supported by Delphi, C++ Builder and also the upcoming C#. Properties. Sadly this is MSVC++ specific. You can use Properties by using the __declspec property Keyword. look @ this example.

class CBsp
		int Get()
			// maybe calc new value
			return m_iTest;
		void Set( int iNew )
			// maybe performce checks .. do a assert .. and and and 
			if( i  10 ) i = 10; // ie.
			m_iTest = iNew;

__declspec( property ( get = Get, put = Set ) )int iTest;

private: int m_iTest;


.. so u can do

CBsp demo;

demo.iTest = 12; if( !demo.iTest == 10 ) { // this will never happen .. ( hope so ); }

the compiler finds every occurence of the member "iTest" .. and replace it with the Access functions Get/Set. There u can perform checks ect. I think this make the code more compact & readable. ( yes .. the declaration is a lil bit wired )

That's all for now ...

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