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  Program-Triggered Breakpoints
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The other day when I read the Conditional Breakpoints TOTD I remembered something I'd read somewhere regarding interrupt 3. I'm not sure about other OS's, but certainly all Windows debuggers utilise it (unless you have a BIOS setting disabling it or something similar). The difference between this an the other TOTD is that this one appears to work on _all_ compilers, not just MSVC.

Basically, you insert a piece of code, like so, into your program where you want a breakpoint:

// check for validity
if (x  24)
  // breakpoint
    int 3

Note that this only works if you're running with a debugger and your program was compiled in a "debug mode" (if availible), or else some other int 3 might be called.

Try it out...

Kieren Johnstone

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