Octrees And Beam Trees
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  Hi , i would ask you something about octree , how can i cull the nodes wich lay outside the frstrum and where can i find info on beam-trees ? Thanks in advance  

  Octrees are typically clipped to the frustum just like polygons are, but there are many ways. One approach is to project the eight vertices at the corners of an octree node, and perform vertex coding/clipping on them (see the document http://www.flipcode.com/documents/wwh6.txt for a brief look into 3D clipping). This, of course, can be done hierarchically, only traversing when a node is partially within the frustum. But be careful... if the node is large enough, all eight points may lie outside the frustum (surrounding it) forcing you to clip the node.

The only online documentation on beam-trees that I've seen is from Harmless Algorithms, right here on flipCode. Beam trees are one of those things I would like to write a document on, but there's a long list of documents to write, and beam-trees are somewhere near the middle.

Response provided by Paul Nettle

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