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  Massively Parameterized Matrix Class
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It's almost been a month since the last matrix class submission. It's time to do something about that. This is a matrix class I have been working on lately. It has three major fairly unusual features (actually it's more like two major and one minor). 1. It minimizes the use of temporary objects by delaying the evaluation of expressions until the final assignment by using closure objects.
matrix<3 A, B, C;
A = B * C; // no temporaries 

2. It generates code that evaluates expressions where you only have to look at a single position in the involved matrices at a time automatically. The generated code never uses a temporary.
vector<3 v, u, w;
float a, b;
v = (u * a + w * b) / (a + b); // vector interpolation, no temporaries 

3. operator* is used for both matrix multiplication, scalar product and vector product.
A = B * C; // matrix multiplication
v = u * w; // vector product
a = u * w; // scalar product 

I hope somebody finds this useful, or at least interesting. For more information see the index.html and README files.

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