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  Little Math Trick
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For what its worth here's a cool little thing I 'discovered' recently.

We all know that loops take up most of program execution. Reducing time in loops can go a long way in optimizing your code. In the spirit of optimizing loop times I'll point your attention to a situation where you are multiplying an accumulator by a constant value (a geometric sequence for you math guys). Generally you would do this:

float result, r;
int i;

result = 3.0f; r = 2.0f; for (i=0; i<SOME_VALUE; i++) result *= r;

Thats spectacular, but isn't addition faster? Why yes, but how can we add if we're multiplying? Like this:

float result, r;
int i;

result = log(3.0f); r = log(2.0f); for (i=0; i<SOME_VALUE; i++) result += r; result = exp(result);

Now we're adding instead of multipying!

I've tested this, and it works. You introduce error into the result, but any floating point op on a computer does that. Here are my results from a little test proggie I wrote:

Start conditions:
Initial value: 1.000000e+064
Multiplier: 9.99999999999e-1
# Reps: 1000000000

Without optimization:
Result: 9.990005e+063
Time: 10144

Result: 9.990057e+063
With optimization:
Result: 9.990057e+063
Time: 6059

Percent error: 0.000005
Performance increase: 1.674204

Not bad. If you have multiple geometric sequences in a single loop your savings are doubled. Of course if you're doing a small number of repetitions then the cost of using two log()'s and an exp() probably won't make it worth the trouble, but for larger, tight loops it can give you a significant speed boost.

Mike Reid aka "Leon Rauis" aka "Promiscuous Robot"

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