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  File System with Custom Packs
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FileSystem is a set of classes to use custom pack files, giving a transparent use in any application. This system supports two ways of working: object oriented, and non-object oriented. Both cases offer access to a compressed file inside a packfile, or a real file in the normal file sytem. You could make random access to the data, and easily port your actual code to this one. You should look at the test project to see both ways of working with this filesystem. And to see how you could easily use it. This system doesn't uncompress all of the file into memory, it uses a system based on blocks; only one block at time its actually buffered in memory. Further reads put new data in this buffer, but doesn't reallocate memory. With this software as well there are tools called FsPacker and FsUnpacker. After compiling and running once, both of them are integrated in your windows shell. Right click to any folder to convert to a pack file, double click to any pack to convert to folders. This system uses zlib to compress the data, but doesn't save in zip format, just uses zlib compress/uncompress algorithm. This release contains a zip file with the visual studio workspaces, test project, some test data, and a CHM Help file generated with doxygen, with all source code. Juan Antonio Medina.

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The zip file viewer built into the Developer Toolbox made use of the zlib library, as well as the zlibdll source additions.


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