2D Versus 3D
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  What do you think about games ? Must they be 3D or they still may be 2D ( isometric, at least ) ?  

  Ive actually written a bit on this subject already so the best thing to do would be to first check out:

2D vs 3D: Fight of the Century


Isometric Engines: Are they for you?

Which both cover different aspects of whether or not 2D games are still viable and then looks into isometric games a little.

The gist of this is that 2D games are still absolutely viable and in some cases massively outsell 3D games, for a variety of reasons. However, a lot of styles of 2D games are no longer looked at as "publishable" by a large majority of publishers, such over shooter and side scrollers. There are a few publishers that still work in these areas, eGames for instance, but these areas are perfectly acceptable games for hobbyists and I would actually suggest starting there to learn. (See Path to Game Development)

Response provided by Geoff Howland

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