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The image speaks for itself, but I will go into a few details about the specifics of what I did.

I created a self-subdividing triangle class that splits into 9 triangles every time it divides. So every succesive LOD has 9^n triangles in it.

That was way to much for my pokey laptop and video card to handle at first, so I did a little hack-job wherein the triangles would not subdivide if they were facing away from the camera.

This resulted in a little bit of popping, but the end effect is mediocre so I left it in.

At any rate I created a sphere of points and then crafted the triangles from them, and assigned one triangle instance per sphere triangle.

Then as the user moves closer, the triangles subdivide and create the landscape.

And there you have it, my prototype space-to-planet landing engine.


Rye Terrell

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