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Here are a couple of screenshots from Crazy Pool, a 3D Physics training exercise that I have been working on for a few weeks. Whats Crazy about the game? It allows the user to specify the number of sides of the table and the number of pockets. This may result in you playing on a near round table with 17 pockets or a triangle table with 0 pockets! :S Who would win that game??

Some features:
  • Graphics/Input use DirectX 8.1
  • Table Mesh Dynamically Built to allow custom tables to be Created
  • Physics for interaction with Objects eg, Collision Detection and Response, Friction, Conservation of Momentum (angular physics still in development so no spinning balls yet)
  • Intelligent Camera which watches the action
  • Shot Assistance. Similar to Ghost Cars in alot of new Driving Game Time Trials, watch the shot unfold without affecting the table
  • Pool Referee
  • This is a very early version of the game. Alot of work still needs to be done. Table mesh/Physics needs to be Optimised. Game AI/Online MultiPlayer to be added so if someone at PC on their own they can still play against a competitor.

    Visit to download the game.


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