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Here are some screenshots of our DirectIA SDK showcase mini game.

eXistence is a little game created by the DirectIA team to demonstrate the power and features of the DirectIA SDK.

eXistence has been built using the SDL ( Simple DirectMedia Layer ) which can be found at for graphics, sounds and input management. The DirectIA SDK is plugged in and animates various NPC evolving through the dungeon levels. DirectIA relies on a motivational model, that is, an action selection mechanism that was developed to mimic animal motivational systems.

As a weak but cunning adventurer, you must escape from the depths of various dungeons alive. To complete a level and unlock the next one, you must either reach the circle of power or bring an item to it (note that you don't have to be the one who is actually carrying it).

The game is highly customizable, you can either create new levels or new creatures. You can even create a new AI and test it in the game.

Once you have completed a level, you can submit your score to our online server in order to be put in the High Score Hall of Fame !

Check out this link for more information and free download of the game.

The DirectIA Team

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