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Screenshots from my 3D real time animation system, this has been developed over the last year and a half in c++ and openGL, theres many many features including but not limited to:
  • Procedural texturing/animation/modelling
  • Live and HardDisk texturing
  • midi control for performance
  • full spectral analysis for audio sync
  • and so on .......

    it works on pretty much the same principles as an audio synthesizer, oscillators are recombined/filtered in various ways until a 'patch' is complete, then the patch is played using any form of input you care to name, can be sequenced, recalled, manipulated, destroyed and generally fooled about with..

    the spiraling image is 4 oscillators (models) - 2 superellipsoids whose parameters are varying over time and 2 tori, each has 4 textures applied and modulating its surface, the whole scene is then rendered to a vortex-field, causing the spiralling

    the other is far simpler, its an extreme close up of 2 3D lorenz attractors, a couple of textures and some of fancy redraw tricks

    for more info/screenshots/animation go to

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