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I am currently working on a real-time quaternion fractal generator using C++ and DirectX 9.0c. This new version is a complete rewrite of the original version that was submitted to IOTD earlier this year.

New features include:
  • Fully 4D set generation. Sets can be generated in 4D, and then projected to 3D using Hopf fibration. Of course, the classic method of temporal projection is still available. Thanks to Godwin Vickers for helping me implement this new projection method.
  • Export to Wavefront OBJ. This feature uses a modified version of Marching Cubes that stores vertex volumetric data for all six axes, rather than just one for the entire vertex. This helps accelerate mesh generation by several orders of magnitude, yet maintains the same level of precision.
  • Cache system that eliminates the need to generate a set from scratch more than once. This also allows a set generation to be cancelled halfway through, and then resumed from that point at a later time.
  • Many new formulas
  • A completely redesigned interface
  • I am currently working on adding:
  • Network distributed set generation
  • Custom formula parser
  • Accelerated set generation via ps2.0/3.0 compatible GPUs
  • The latest version, as well as the Online Help, can be found at:

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