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Here are some new Screenshots of my Volumetric Terrain Engine. I've been working on it for quite a while a while now; recently I have started to plug the Landscape part into Ogre to get some animations working, but this is still under construction.

A feature with which I experimented a couple of weeks ago, is to use Fur for rendering the grass. Its an easy to add feature which looks really nice, but also costs some fillrate; especially as it was necessary to take care that the grass is not rendered on the ways through the landscape. (upper left image)

Yesterday I tried to use Wang-Tiles for rendering the ways, which made it a little more complicated to not render the grass on the ways, but its a great opportunity to get an almost infinite sized, non looping terrain texture. (upper right image)

Some other features of the engine so far are procedural 3D-Landscape generation, artificial terrain detail (perlin noise), glow, an .obj loader and a very simple kind of editor to place the loaded objects.

If somebody is interested to see it running, the Demo is available on my Website

- Sven

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