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These are a couple of screenshots from Dawnspire, a fast-paced tactical RPG being developed by Silent Grove Studios. Our team consists of six people, two programmers and four artists/animators/designers who have been working on this in our spare time for about a year and a half, unfortunately it’s a scarce resource but we’re slowly getting there =).

The graphics engine is DirectX 9 only and uses vertex and pixel shaders for just about everything. Our target system at the moment is a 2GHz PC with a Radeon 9700 Pro level graphics card.

Some features:
  • Diffuse / Bump-mapped terrain built from a height map. Supports up to four texture layers per node and vertex coloring.
  • Diffuse / Bump-mapped objects with specular highlights.
  • Projected cloud layer on terrain, objects and creatures.
  • Hemisphere lighting for ambience.
  • A mix of Stencil Shadows (using double sided stencil and extrusion on the GPU) and “decal” shadows.
  • Skeletal animation
  • Animated grass and trees that bend in the wind.
  • Animated bump-mapped water (currently only reflecting the sky, in the future we plan to have it reflect pretty much everything).
  • More information about the game and the team can be found at

    / Anders

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