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this is some screenshots from my new engine, BeamEngine, well I couldn't think of a better name. I've been coding on it for a couple of months now, and it's really starting to look like something nice.
Right now it has the nice features:
  • Hardware rendering through Direct3D
  • Octree subdividing
  • Mipmapping, created by engine to save diskspace
  • Lightmapping with raytraced lighting
  • Gouraud shaded/Environmentmapped objects
  • Collision detection (crappy)
  • Loading of ASC, BMM and MAP files.
  • Coronas
  • Particles
  • Simple scripting (maybe to simple to be called scripts)
  • The screenshots shows the different lightmaps can do to a scene, it gives it a much better 3d feeling. Anyway, you can download an older version of my engine at, in the beta zone.

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