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Here is the image of my open-source Bezier Patch Editor I created lately. It has MFC/OpenGL framework and its pretty flexible (easy to change). It uses standart MFC interface (dialogs, menus) and also has been build using MFC OpenGL AppWizard (Not sure who make it, but it was some time ago on NeHe's website).

It heavily build on OOP concept and uses it almost in every part of code. It features:
  • Node-type link for patches (e.g main patch and its children),
  • Selection of patch,
  • Selection of color for patch and anchors,
  • 4 Rendering modes for patch (Points, Lines, Filled, Textured),
  • Multiple selection and control of anchors,
  • Save/Load patch in text format,
  • Creation of new patch is simplified to creating a default grid of given size on XZ axis,
  • TGA/BMP/PCX/RAW texture formats support,
  • and some others, which aren't so important to list.

    Editor's Note: The demo is available for download here (482k)

    Have a go and try it for yourself, and please report any errors you spot, because it haven't been in testing yet.

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