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Here's some screenshots of my submission for Milia. You can download the EXE from

Following up on some criticisms from my last IOTD, this EXE is hopefully a lot more robust! ;-) I've also added computer-controlled players, a 2-player LAN option and 3 soundtracks. The race track is procedurally-generated and can take some time on slower CPUs. Also, collision-detection runs pretty slowly on anything less than a P3-class CPU. The game will default to FSAA if available... oh, and it'll also keep track of your best lap-time in the registry!

Next up is gonna be some nice eye-candy mountains, so I'm on the hunt for the DX terrain-algo. code, if anyone can help..., more tracks, and a 'mouse-look' type thing for more accurate shooting.

I hope you enjoy it!


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