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My name is Miguel A. Osorio and I'm a member of SomniumStudio, a brazillian game studio. These are some screenshots taken from our techdemo, where we're displaying some of our engine's capabilities. Here are some of it's features:
  • Proprietary engine fully developed in-house.
  • SDL + OpenGL.
  • Hierarchical collision detection using OBB n-ary trees.
  • Shaders (currently implemented using only standard OpenGL pipeline, no vertex/fragment programs).
  • Multiple rendering passes for effects like gloss mapping and emissive texturing.
  • Advanced and highly flexible particle system.
  • Multiplatform (developed on a Linux environment).
  • The rendering subsystem is the only one currently implemented, but there will be support for sound, rigid-body dynamics, networking, GUI, AI, scripting, etc.

    The engine has been in development for one year and a half (though I've only worked on my spare time), while the techdemo was assembled in about two months (also on our spare time). We are currently working on a space combat simulator using this technology.

    To learn more about our game and about us, check out our site at There are more screenshots available there, plus a movie showing the techdemo in action.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Miguel A. Osorio.

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