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This is an employment demo I have been developing on and off over the past year in OpenGL. The demo was created with the help of several artists, and myself as the programmer.

The demo is now at a significant stage in its development. There are some bugs remaining but overall I think its a pretty solid demo.

The terrain is a dual layer heightmap with limited adjustability of the x and y components. Ground is rendered using tiling techniques with tiles created on the fly and then cached on the video card.

Features include:
  • In game world editor (disabled in public version)
  • enemy AI
  • Heirarchical models
  • model morphing/interpolation
  • triangle normal grouping and culling
  • Collision detection
  • Paging terrain data in and out of PVS
  • Frustrum culling
  • Particle system
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Demo download and additional larger screenshots on my website:

    Eric Braun

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