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Digital Nature graphic engine by Vorsin S.V., Sikorsky-16 project (Flight Simulator). d-Strict group.

The given engine works under Direct3D. (written in VC++) Digital Nature graphic engine was developed (and still developing, of course) for the S-16 project of d-Strict group. Digital Nature is only the graphics engine. It works with large terrains and high load environments (with lakes, seas, grass, forest, atmosphere effects etc).

The presented images were rendered with speed at about 7-10 ms on GeForce4-Ti4200, CPU - AMD Athlon XP+1700, 256 Mb RAM.

=== Here is a brief description:
  • Terrain render uses PS and VS. Unlimited count of trees and reasonable framerates (about 100 fps without water (Forest square is about 10*10 Kilometers)). Rendered with shadow maps. The size of result file does not depend upon quantity of trees. The engine uses 3 types of render techniques, which depend on optimization factor:
  • 1st - detail trees render (sphere trees technique or tree models), distance 500m
  • 2nd - imposter trees via VertexShader (integrated into VertexShader)+Bump map, distance 2Km
  • 3rd - planar tree maps+Bump map, distance - unlimited
  • Dynamical sky lighting (24 hours), background cubemap support also.
  • Clouds. Use billboards.
  • Lakes. Uses offset bump mapping for fast computation. Dynamical reflection, transparency, specular highlights, fresnel effect as well.
  • Grass, unlimited squares of grass fields, render speed depends on density of grass.
  • Any comments refer to, Also a web page of d-Strict is, you can see other screenshots of the engine, and further info on S-16 project (it has been just uploaded).

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