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These screens show the engine i am writing and the game we are working on with Universe team. Our first tech demo can be downloaded at

Below you'll find some screens of three tools i wrote for the game. The first one, called "Comet" is a particles system tool...You can also see "Planet" our world editor in action. I am rewriting it to deal with lastest features of the engine. The last tool you can see on the screens is "Nebula" a Room generator. We started the project a few months ago. Before you ask about the grass, you won't see it in the Tech demo, i am currently working on it but we may now sleep a bit before the Tech demo 2 to be out and you can see it in action.. :-))

Some words about the game...our story writers are working hard to have somthin really not comon...This game is a RPG style in a fantasy world like Daggerfall, ishar, Dungeon master and more. 3 different levels of scripts are planned...We'll say more about but...later...!

Enjoy the demo but dont try it if you have less than a TNT 3d card or less than 600 Mhz Processor because some stuffs are not optimised yet.

Kanda / Universe

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