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here's my entry for the Screenshot of the day. It shows the showing-part of my experimental particle system at work. The showed effect is a fire effect with distraction to the lower right corner and some flight-range overgrowth so that it looks little more chaotic ;).

Some words about the program itself: It currently consists of 2 parts. The creator and the shower. I divided this cause the creator uses MFC and I guess performance would be much lower if I had implemented the shower also into that. The particle system has following features:
  • unlimited amount of particles (ok, limited by performance ;)
  • 100 color-steps per particle (you won't need more, believe me)
  • Horizontal and vertical distraction
  • Flight-range overgrowth
  • Up to 10 gravity points with pos/neg gravity (easily extendable, but it's unlikely that you'll need all 10 and more)
  • The rendering is an additive effect that makes everything a little more interesting because some cool effects were caused that weren't originally planned (But it's cool to have them ;). Well, in the shower module you can move the particle spawning point around and so cause fire-trails a.s.o. The only serious use I can now think of is testing particle effects before implementing them. Apart from that it's a nice toy and fine to look at *hopefully*.

    And that's it. If you know an effect that I could implement, don't hesitate to post it here or to drop me a mail. BTW: All other mails like questions, suggestions, flames a.s.o. are also welcome. Send 'em to:

    Ok, hopefully my English wasn't too bad at all ;).

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