Submitted by Dave Baumann, posted on 18 November 2003

Image Description, by Dave Baumann

Following on from Aras Pranckevicius' IOTD submission from his Beyond3D Shader competition winning entry, here are images from a few more notable entries to the competition. From left to right, top to bottom we have:
  • Translucency (Daniel Vollmer)
  • Frost (Lukasz Wiklendt)
  • HDR Lighting (Marko Dolenc)
  • Rollercoaster (Emil Persson)
  • Retro (Eyal Teler)
  • 2D Scaling (Ryan Nunn)
  • All demo's utilise PS2.0 Shaders in some form. And, yes, that really is Frogger generated in shaders!

    Descriptions, executables and source are all available at the Beyond3D Shader competition results page.

    Dave Baumann

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