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Hi guys! This is a screenshot of our current project SunAge and the IDE of its scripting-engine below. We're working on that title for, well, yes, for quite a while...

Its a scifi - rts title with a different handling approach what we call: tactical-squad-based-static-warfare - game. Well, this name is not very mnemonic, I guess, but it comes as near as possible to the gameplay itself.

The graphics engine is a 2.5D - isometric - tilebased engine, with all sorts of fake-3d-effects for all those glows, explosions, but also to give certain areas of the map a different theme. And guys: let me tell you, I would never make a 2D game of this size again, there are a thousand of things a 3D - game hasn't approximately to take care of. (When I'm thinking of that fake line-of-sight-algorithm with simulated plateaus of different heights I'm still getting goosebumps).

The pathfinding is done by some sort of weighted flooding algorithm, which results in an ugly pathline which is then bezier-splined to make up for smooth movement of the units.

the ai is completely coded in our scripting language i said, for it supports all fancy things you need to get this job done (like software-threads, own class-definitions, aso.). And the really good thing about it is the debugging environment, which is blended over the game itself, and you're able to set breakpoints and the like.

Well, there's some more info about us and SunAge on our site


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