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Well, an IOTD to show the "almost" working HL rendering code :))

The map is avanti.bsp from the latest version of TFC. Currently, having a few problems with the lightmapping, I am almost certain the texcoords for the lightmap are correct, the lightmaps themselves are now ok (I had a problem with gluScaleImage and gluBuild2DMipmaps causing a bug in the lightmaps for non power of two lightmaps (i.e. if it had to scale the lightmaps up to 16x16 from say, 9x13, it screwed the whole thing up. I wrote a little function to do the scaling and all was better (although there is still some weird "banding" artifacts I havent gotten to the bottom of yet).

This thing is more of an experiment than anything useful. It'll be used to write out bsp files into 3ds format (along with multi textures for lightmaps), partly as an exercise in exporting INTO 3ds max, and partly because I kinda like lightmapped levels and know a lot of keen mappers.

One weird thing. Seems that Ive somehow inverted all the coords for the maps, as the whole thing is in reverse (so all the textures read backwards :)) I kinda like the effect tho.

If anyone has any experience with bsp loaders and has come across a lightmap "banding" syndrome, and a fix for it, please pass the info on.


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