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Screenshots from demo "Shaderey" - a winner of ATi/Beyond3D DX9 shader competition.

The demo displays outdoors scene in a non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) style, plays camera animation, allows manual camera control and has a fast-forward benchmarking mode. Requires DX9 class hardware to run (afterall, it's a DX9 shader competition).

Some tech details:
  • Image space: edge detection from normal/depth differences (similar ATi's at SigGraph2002), plus sort of "hatching" in dark areas.
  • Color quantization and distortion for "painterly" look. This is done on downsampled image: convert into HSV colorspace, do some funky operations on it and convert back into RGB. All in single pass with Pixel Shader 2.0.
  • Atmospheric light scattering (Hoffman et al. at SigGraph2003).
  • Projected shadows on terrain.
  • Planar reflections w/ EMBM for lakes.
  • Brute-force terrain rendering. I planned to do simple GeoMipMapping at first, but the demo isn't vertex limited even in brute force case
  • Can use Multiple Render Targets to render color and normals/depth in single pass.
  • Demo can be downloaded from:

    Full source code is included (C++, for MSVC6 with DX9 SDK and Boost 1.30.0).

    Aras Pranckevicius aka NeARAZ

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