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Pipetris is a game that I created for a course in Computer Game Design and Development at the University of Michigan. It is quite similar to Tetris in its block shapes, control and play. Instead of simply destroying rows in the board, the pipes in the blocks branch away from a completed row until they end. Scoring is based on pipe length and size of cycles (when pipes branch into themselves).

Interesting aspects of the project are its use of the dxframework which is an engine developed specifically for the course at U of M that encapsulates the functionality of DirectX into a very nice and easy to use framework. The code is C++ completely OO and uses STL for the algorithms that implement the game board, pipe branching and cycle detection within pipes.

I always thoroughly enjoy reading the IOTDs and checking out other peoples interesting projects. Perhaps this may be a fun little game for some people to check out and play with. Separate packages with source and exe are available @ The dxframework version used requires DirectX 8.

Zachary Poley

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