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The screenshots are from NeuroDriver - an artificial intelligence project I've been working on recently. The purpose of the project is to train an Artificial Neural Network to control a car around a racing track.

The track is defined by a few basic waypoints which are then interpolated using splines to create a smooth track. The user then drives the car around the track and the collected information is used to train the neural network. After the neural network is trained we let it control the vehicle - the AI driver can sometimes be very "creative".

The graphics are rendered using DirectX 8 - the track is rendered as a single triangle strip and the car model is rendered as a D3DXMesh. There's also a simple sky box and several camera angles to make things more interesting.

ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) is used for the car physics.

It's an ongoing project and there are still a lot to add to the graphics, physics and AI. Right now It's a very interesting toy :-)

Gideon Pertzov

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