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Grretings from Malaysia. My name is Hafiz bin Awang Pon. This is a screenshot taken from my current personal project. It's an attempt to make my own FPS Engine. Current features are;
  • Portal Based Rendering
  • Basic Collision Detection
  • Lightmaps and Hardware Lights
  • The levels was created purely in 3ds Max and exported with a custom plug-in. My target is to make sure everything for a level is define-able using 3ds Max. Currently sectors, portals, lights (both for lightmapping and hardware light), collision mesh, skybox are defined using 3ds Max. Future plan includes user define-able entities that can be placed in 3ds Max and extract-able through the engine using some high-level api. The idea is so that the renderer and the actual game engine can be isolated to a certain extent (at least that's the plan).

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